14 Januari 2013

Hello Batam :)

yeah, I write this post from Batam. After 5 or 6 years ago, alhamdulillah Allah gives me an opportunity to stepped here again. At the same time I think, with 5 or 6 years ago. The first time I came out of the airport, I feel that Batam is very very different from 5 or 6 years ago. Now, Batam is more crowded hehe

I'm here just not for holiday but also for an internship. Yap, I am being an employee here. Wake up at 5 and then take a bath, going to the office at 7.30 and going back to home at 6.00 pm, from Monday to Friday. I have been here for 1 week ad there will be 4 or 5 weeks ahead. What I am doing here? So much things to do here. I see how engineers work by their coverall yeah I think it is so awesome. May be someday, I will work with wearing coverall hahaha =D 

I am doing an internship at PT Cladtek at Batu Ampar, Batam. and here, I live at Lancang Kuning. I'm here with my friend, Citra. I learn about cladding, welding, and lining process here. At first I saw that processes I feel so.. "wow I can see how it works". And here, I will make a report about corrosion in weld cladding. No basic of welding and its friends, I have to learn about welding so much ~.~ and I think welding is interesting (I hope so when I have to study about welding at campus next term). Another my challenge here is I have to read so much standards like ASTM or ASME and really it was so much to read!!...

My new experience here is there are so many foreigners and one of them is my boss in technical department. He comes from India and he can't speak Bahasa. yeap I have to try speak in English with him. Aaaand my report is also in English too!! oh my.... Bismillah I can do it.... overall, I'm happy to be here..

Beside I'm doing my internship, I also do my holiday here. Walking around to the mall, harbor (beside my flat is Harbor Bay, a harbor to Singapore). Not much different from Jakarta, here I take a walk to the mall haha but the different is there is so much branded bags, watch, shoes, and everything but the price is less than in Jakarta ;) I think I have to recheck my pocket hahaha =D

I think it is enough to tell an introduction.. I will have so many story to tell soon :) *and also I will give some photos.

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